ADP Accounting & Finance


Associate Degree Program in Accounting and Finance is a two-year degree program. It comprises four semesters. During the study, students are encouraged to gain knowledge of basic tools and techniques to improve their understanding of the financial management of a business and the role of a finance manager. The study also helps the students to understand the ways of solving financial and accounting problems. This is the foundation program by the Best University in Multan to prepare the students for higher studies in accounting and finance. After completing two years ADP A/F, the student can join the 5th semester of the BS Accounting and Finance four-year program and can complete his 16 years of Education.


Program Mission

To be a leading Commerce Department of the country in respect of quality education, practical know-how, and e-commerce. To promote a culture and environment that attracts and fosters the best available talent, inspire the trust of students, create value for all and lend support to less privileged classes by improving their access to quality education at affordable cost.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To produce graduates who are equipped with fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques in Accounting and Finance.


To inculcate and develop the conceptual, theoretical, and applied skills required for problem-solving in the existing competitive environment.


To produce accountants and financial experts to meet the growing demand of the financial industry.


To get basic knowledge of risk management techniques.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


Develop the knowledge by systematically applying the principles and practices of business finance, accountancy, and Information technology for accounting both in business and non-business organizations.


Demonstrate the ability to identify and formulate research problems and synthesize the information to provide valid conclusions approaches across a variety of subject matter.


Come up as an efficient, independent, and team leader in a multidisciplinary setting, human values, and ethics.


Present him or herself as a confident person in the business and society at large.


Possess effective communication skills in accounting, commerce, Management, and business.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd Division


Career prospects

The students can avail employment opportunities in Pakistan and abroad in the following fields:

Accounting and Auditing Firms.

Business organizations.

Financial organizations.

Investment Banks.

Commercial Banks.



Scheme of Study ADP (Accounting & Finance) Program

Total Credit Hours = 66

Pakistan Studies Islamic Studies Fundamentals of Accounting
English Composition and Comprehension/ English 1 (Freshman English-1) Introduction to Computer Micro Economics
English II (English Composition & Comprehension-II) Business Finance Macro Economics
English III (Business Communication) Business Math & Stat-I Cost Accounting
Business Math & Stat-II Financial Management Auditing and Financial Reporting
Management Accounting Techniques Inventory Management Independent Learning & Critical Thought