BBA (2 years)


This is a two-year degree program by the Best University in Multan. It is launched to accommodate ADP students to get higher education in their relevant field. This program is consisted of 4 semesters having a total of 66 credit hours. The student will have to study a minimum of five subjects, each subject having 3 credit hours and 100 marks. In this way, every semester will be of 15 credit hours. At the end of theoretical study, they will have to undergo a 9-weeks internship to attain practical knowledge of the business and industrial world and will have to write a research report. At the end of the internship, his viva voce will be conducted to assess his theoretical and practical knowledge. The report and viva voce will be of 6 credit hours with 200 marks. During the course of study, the student will also have to undergo different sessions of training and development. For this purpose, a special curriculum has been designed for the career development of the students.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To produce business graduates having theoretical and practical business knowledge.


To build strong communication skills and the art of impressing the audience and customers.


To produce business professionals having practical knowledge of marketing, Management, HRM, Management, and banking.


To produce entrepreneurs, having a passion for starting his/her own business.


To focus on the grooming of the personality of the students who must be efficient, innovative, and target-lovers.


To develop leadership skills among the students so that they will be able to meet multiple challenges and lead teams in their respective areas.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

After completing BBA (Hons) program, the students will be able to:


To start his/her own business.


To become a successful entrepreneur.


To serve in different sectors of the economy as a Banker, Accountant, HR Manager, Market executive, and manager of a business firm.


To perform his/her job efficiently through time management, self-discipline, and honest practices.


To be innovative in his thinking, way of working, and dealing with other persons at the workplace.


To lead the people and apply his/her leadership qualities at the workplace.

Eligibility Criteria

ADP in relevant (Business) education with at least 45%, second division


Career Prospects

The career prospects of the students are very bright in industry, banking, trading, and finance organizations. They can serve in these organizations according to his/her specialization. They can get further higher Education as well because this degree is recognized all over the world. They know the process of value creation so that they can contribute to national income.



This program is duly approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.


Scheme of Study BBA Program (2 Years)

Total Credit Hours = 63

Cost Accounting Logic Financial Management
Marketing Management Business Law Specialization-I
Management Information System Business Ethics Organizational Behavior
Specialization-II Consumer Behavior Business Research
Operations Management Entrepreneurship Business Economics
Specialization-III Business Policy Specialization-IV
International Business Management Project/Two Elective courses  

Elective Courses of Banking & Finance

Islamic Banking and Finance Export Marketing Industrial Marketing
Prinicples of Auditing Labor Law and Practices Strategic Innovation and Leadership styles


Elective Courses of Marketing

Supply Chain Management Brand Management Marketing Research
Export Marketing Advertising & Sales Promotion Industrial Marketing
Consumer Behavior

Elective Courses of Finance

Corporate Finance Islamic Banking & Finance Investment & Portfolio Management
Financial Statement Analysis Advance Financial Analytical Techniques Accounting Information System
Principles of Auditing Inventory Management Finance


Elective Courses of Management

Policy Analysis & Decision Making Strategic Innovation & Leadership Styles Organizational Development
Portfolio Analysis & Strategy Formulation Total Quality Management

Elective Courses of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Development Stress Management Industrial Relations
Performance Management Compensation Administration Labor Law & Practice
Training & Development