BFA (Fashion Design)


Fashion design is one of the forms of art refers as clothing and other lifestyle accessories. However, modern fashion design may be categorized into two parts; “Haute Couture” and “Ready-to-wear.” Like an haute couture collection that is usually tailor-made and specially designed for certain customers and is custom sized to fit for these customers exactly. In this regard, it is a compulsion to qualify as the Haute Couture Designer to be a part of the “Syndical Chamber” for Haute Couture and shows a new collection two times in a year, presenting at least 35 different outfits each time. The second category, Ready-to-Wear Collections, is standardized rather than customized to the customer’s requirements. These are, however, suitable for large production runs. That category is further divided into two sub-sections; Designer collection, which has a higher quality and better finish, as well as exclusivity in design. This ready-to-wear category is presented on international fashion shows (Catwalks). While other subsection includes ordinary dress designs meant for common customers.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Produce art and design products with global appeal by exploiting their potential, knowledge, and use of the latest technology


Identify issues, expect difficulties, and predicts solution in existing fashion systems.


Creatively comprehend and consolidate sustainable choices in their work of design aesthetics.


Work as a team leader, coordinate and collaborate with team members, and present innovative solutions


Establish themselves as independent, imaginative individuals to promote their philosophy of design and work of art.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


To learn about the fashion industry and become familiar with current trends and challenges in the industry.


To learn the basics of fashion design and construction drawing, sewing, and pattern-making


Establish knowledge of color theory, design Patterns, composition, and qualities of different types of fabric.


To Build a Portfolio.


To explore specialized fashion design schools.


To get hands-on experience.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd division


Career Prospects

There are plenty of career opportunities after graduation in fashion design from the Best University in Multan or any fashion design institute. The common career opportunities include:

Fashion Designer

Retail Manager

Retail Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser

Textile Technologist

Clothing Technologists

Work experience in a fashion design studio or retail shop is a prerequisite for the beginning of the career. The student may also establish their own fashion dress business as a startup or a self-employed person. The biggest retail fashion chains are run by fashion designers.


Scheme of Study BFA (Fashion Design) Program

Total Credit Hours = 130

English I&II Pakistan Studies Introduction to Computer
Islamic Studies Pattern Basics I&II Free Hand Drawing I&II
Basics of Design I&II Fashion Design Studio I-IV Theory of Fashion Design I & II
Visual Communication I&II History of Art & Culture I-IV Material & Models I&II
Digital Fashion & Details I&II Sewing I, II & III Shaping and Draping I&II
Textile Design I&II Textile Basics I&II Pattern III, IV &V
Marketing Thesis Internship 4 week
Report Writing &Presentation Basics of Hand Sewing Couture Finishes
Human Anatomy I&II