BS Education


After the successful completion of the BS education program, the candidates can work as school teachers, administrators, instructional supervisors, subject specialists in higher secondary schools, as well as lectures in colleges and universities. This degree may also be useful to continue towards advanced studies in Education. The candidates will learn to manage organizations and develop solutions to issues in the field of education. They will be able to apply research skills in the classroom and institutions and will use the latest approaches to education.

Programs Education Objectives (PEOs)


Product from the Department of Education will be able to use their skills to set goals and objectives for learning that involves students in significant learning activities.


Students will be able to use their skills of cognitive, social, and emotional development in creating an environment of respect and understanding and a culture for learning.


Engage in customarily teaching practices to help all students – regardless of language, race, geographic location, special needs, or poverty.


Use effective and appropriate communication techniques in their teaching, professional teamwork, and interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and the community.


To train the characters of professional educators in their teaching and interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and the community.


Developing vast Curriculum in a view to producing well-versed Teachers.


Using new and multi-dimensional pedagogic methodologies and train the youth of the nation for better service in the country

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


To make aware teachers with latest curricula, teaching techniques, and methodologies


To enable the prospective teachers to create a classroom environment that expedites learning by engaging students in positive social interaction and active learning


To enable teachers to use ICT in the classroom


To enable the potential teachers to manage the classroom environment


To meet the increasing demand for trained teachers in Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd division


Career Prospects

School teachers


Instructional supervisors

Subject specialists in higher secondary schools



Major Characteristics

The program will be of eight (8) semester’s duration with 138 credit hours.

Principles of Education General Science Basic Mathematics Introduction to History
Functional English Quran Translation-I principles Of Economics Guidance and Counseling
Basic Statistics Urdu Literature English Communication and Writing Skills Quran Translation-II
Introduction to Psychology Introduction to Sociology Religious Studies/Islamic Studies Pakistan Studies
Advance Academic Writing Skills Quran Translation-Ill Human Resource Management in Education Curriculum Planning and Development
Environmental Sciences Computer Applications in Education Introduction to Political Science School Improvement
Quran Translation-IV New philosophical Perspectives of Education Educational Psychology Research Orientation in Education
Curriculum Evaluation and Implementation Educational Measurement and Assessment Quran Translation-V Perspectives Of Education in Pakistan
Classroom Management Research Applications in Education Basic Concepts of Inclusive Education Educational Monitoring and Quality Assurance
Quran Translation-VI Teaching practice (Theory) Methods and Techniques of Teaching Economics and Financing of Education
Quran Translation-Vll Teaching Practice (Practical) Teacher Education Educational Planning and Management
Project and Report Writing Quran Translation -Vlll
Compulsory Courses
Teaching Practice (Theory) Methods and Techniques of Teaching Economics and Financing of Education
Quran Translation-VII
Elective Courses from Area of Specialization

(Each student will have to opt one area of specialization out of the following containing two courses)

Group Subject 1 Subject 2
A Teaching of Mathematics Teaching of Physics
B Teaching of Physics Teaching of Chemistry
C Teaching of Chemistry Teaching of Biology
A Teaching of English Teaching of Urdu
B Teaching of Pakistan Studies Teaching of Islamic Studies
C Teaching of History Teaching of Islamic Studies