BS English


At the Best University in Multan, BS in English is a 04-year program specifically designed to up-skill the students who harbor a passion for English Language, Literature, and Linguistics. The program follows the mission to encourage the learners to read and analyze a wide range of creative and critical texts critically, with the aim to orient them to various traditions of writing/speaking in English. Being highly interdisciplinary in nature, the program enables students to connect their knowledge of the English language, literature, and linguistics with several areas of social sciences such as philosophy, psychology, globalization, sociology, etc. The BS English program allows the students a considerable degree of choice, both in pursuing their area of interest and in selecting a topic of their curiosity for writing their dissertations in the final semesters. Thus, the intensive and extensive focused learning and practice that the students experience during their four-year stay at the department fully concoct them for pursuing advanced studies and an array of professions and career opportunities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To enable students to learn and utilize the English language and Literature.


To equip students with cognitive abilities to excel well on the job and in dynamic situations


To provide students with all the facilities and a conducive environment in order to facilitate the best learning experiences.


To enable students to critically analyze literature as well as cultural texts in terms of analysis and performing research from different historical phases and types.


To assist undergraduates in improving their ability to creatively explore cultural literacy so that they may build life-long learning.


To enable students to conduct pure and hybrid qualitative and quantitative research in the fields of Literature and Linguistics.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


The students would have profound knowledge of the techniques of textual analysis.


The students would be competent to adequately express themselves by oral and written communication.


The students would have profound knowledge of the key concepts in English Language and Literature.


The students would be able to critically explore major schools of literary criticism and theory.


The graduates would be able to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research in the fields of English Literature and Linguistics.


The students would be able to get admission to research programs in English Language and Literature.


The students would be equipped with professional skills in teaching, research, and managerial positions.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd division


Career Prospects 

Editing Opportunities


Newspaper reporting

Content Creators social media

Writers in various research firms.

Scheme of Study BS English Program

Total Credit Hours = 136

Study Skills Pakistan Studies English I: Reading and Writing Skills
Introduction to Geography Introduction to Language Studies Islamic Studies
Elementary Mathematics & Stats English II: Composition Writing Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology
Introduction to Philosophy Literary Forms and Movements Introduction to Information & Computer Technology Skills
Islamic History & Culture English and Presentation Skills Short Fictional Narratives
Global Poetry Introduction to Morphology Human Rights & Citizenship
English IV: Academic Reading & Writing Classical Poetry Semantics
Classical and Renaissance Drama Rise of the Novel (18th to 19th century) Introduction To International Relations
Postcolonial Literature Foundations of Literary Theory & Criticism Sociolinguistics
Romantic and Victorian Poetry Popular Fiction Modern Poetry
Modern Drama Grammar & Syntax Discourse Studies
Modern Novel Creative Nonfiction Research Methods and Term Paper Writing
Introduction to Applied Linguistics Literary Theory and Practice Pakistani Literature in English
Introduction to Stylistics Introduction to Women’s Writing American Literature
Introduction to Translation Studies World Englishes  

Elective Courses (English Literature)

African Literature Postmodern Fiction Islam and Western Literature
Postcolonial Women’s Writing Pakistani Folk Literature


Elective Courses (English Language/Linguistics)

Emerging Trends in Sociolinguistics ESP Introduction to Critical Pedagogy
Introduction to Computational Linguistics Pakistani English Second language acquisition
Introduction to Syntax Clinical Linguistics Language Testing and Assessment
Introduction to Forensic Linguistics Language and education Language and gender
Corpus linguistics