BS English (2.5 Years)


BS English 2.5 is a 2.5 years degree program that works as a bridge for the students who have been graduated or completed 14 years of education. The program is launched by the best University in Multan as per the guidelines of the HEC to cater to the needs of graduate students so that they can get a postgraduate degree to join the broad market. The BS English 2.5 years offers a wide array of subjects, including general subjects followed by specialized subjects from the fields of linguistics and literature.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


The program will enable the students to develop efficient writing skills and critical thinking to meet the requirements of international standards in the relevant field.


The students will have a strong command of different literacy theories and theories of language.


The graduate students will get ample exposure to practical pedagogy.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


The students would be able to have a deep understanding of the literary texts.


After the completion of the degree, the students would be able to become competent in all language skills, particularly speaking and writing.


The students will get a sound knowledge of main and contemporary theories in both linguistics and literature.


The student would get sufficient knowledge for literature and language teaching.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation or equivalent with at least 2nd division


Career Prospects


Editing Opportunities

Newspaper reporting

Content Creators social media

Writers in various research firms.


Scheme of Study BS English (2.5 Years) Program

Total Credit Hours = 84

Introduction to Literary Studies Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology Literary Forms and Movements
Introduction to Language Studies Semantics Introduction to Information & Computer Technology (ICT) Skills
Introduction to International Relations Romantic and Victorian Poetry Foundations of Literary Theory & Criticism
Introduction to Environmental Studies Sociolinguistics Popular Fiction
Modern Poetry Modern Novel Grammar & Syntax
Modern Drama Discourse Studies Creative Nonfiction
Research Methods and Term Paper Writing Introduction to Stylistics Literary Theory and Practice
Introduction to Applied Linguistics Pakistani Literature in English Postcolonial Literature
American Literature Introduction to Translation Studies Introduction to Women’s Writing
World English