BS Urdu (2.5 Years)


BS in Urdu at the ISP Multan is a 2.5-year program offered for students who are passionate about the dynamic understanding of the Urdu language and literature. The degree is perfect for students who wish to expand their knowledge of the Urdu language. The program is designed in a way that unleashes innovative and critical thinking in students. The program offered by the best university in Multan focuses the areas like; oral and written Urdu skills, complex prose, poetry, Teamwork prospects, and opportunities to grow and expand their horizon.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The objectives of that BS 2.5-year program in Urdu include: 


To acquire knowledge about teaching and learning of Urdu Language to apply in the context of Pakistani society.


Teach students the utilization of Urdu language through imaginativeness and creativity.


To equip students with necessary skills & training and enabling them to look at Urdu literature and language analytically.


To abreast students with essential specialized skills.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


The students would be competent to adequately express themselves by oral and written communication.


The students would have profound knowledge of the key concepts in Urdu Language and Literature


The students would be able to critically explore major schools of literary criticism and theory.


The students would be equipped with professional skills in teaching the Urdu language.

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation or equivalent with at least second division.


Career Prospects

There is a wide array of opportunities in government and private sectors available to BS Urdu graduates, including editing, teaching, newspaper reporting, as well as employed social media writers in various research firms.


Scheme of Study BS Urdu (2.5 Years) Program

Total Credit Hours = 60

Classici Shairi Tareekh zuban-o-Adab Urdu Tanqeed
Asaleeb Nasr-e-Urdu Afsanvi Adab Classici Shairi
Asaleeb Nasr-e- Urdu Urdu Tanqeed Afsanvi Adab
Tareekh zuban-o-Adal Iqbal Kai Khasusi Mutala ladeed Shairi
Jadeed Asnaf-c-Nasar Pakistani Zubano ka Adab (Elective) Almi Classic (Elective)
Asool-e-Tehqeeq-o-Tadveen Jadeed Ablaghi Muawnaat Iqbal Ka khasusi Mutala (Elective)
Jadeed Shairi Urdu Sahafat ka lrtaqa (Elective) Multan main Urdu Shair-o- Adab ki Rivayat (Elective)
Jadeed Asnaf-e-Nasar Lissaniyaat Urdu ki Adbi Jaraid ki Rivayat ka Mutala (Elective) Thesis