M.Phil Education


M. Phil Education is a research-based program. This program is aimed at developing research skills among students to develop an awareness of educational research and concepts. M. Phil Education Program is designed by the Best University in Multan to prepare specialists who have academic and professional in-depth in the field of Education. This program also provides opportunities for professional development in general and in-service teachers. It also serves the objectives of developing research as well as promoting research activities in the various areas of specialization.

Programs Education Objectives (PEOs)


Product from the Department of Education will be able to use their skills to set goals and objectives for learning that involves students in significant learning activities.


Students will be able to use their skills of cognitive, social, and emotional development in creating an environment of respect and understanding and a culture for learning.


Engage in customarily teaching practices to help all students – regardless of language, race, geographic location, special needs, or poverty.


Use effective and appropriate communication techniques in their teaching, professional teamwork, and interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and the community.


To train the characters of professional educators in their teaching and interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and the community.


Developing vast Curriculum in a view to producing well-versed Teachers.


Using new and multi-dimensional pedagogic methodologies and train the youth of the nation for better service in the country

Programs Learning Outcomes


To develop reflective skills for the development of educational practices


To provide rigorous training in developing various research designs and produce quality research-based solutions


To promote research and assessment skills among students to promote research culture in the field of education


To produce leaders in public and private educational institutions


Enable the students to be familiar with the modern trends in the educational process

Eligibility Criteria

16 Years relevant education from HEC recognize institute with at least 2nd Division. GAT General (Cat-B, Social Sciences) with at least 50 % score


Career Prospects

Education Consultant

Administrators in Educational Institution

Teaching Assistant

Research Assistant

Instructional supervisors

Research Specialist

Lectures in Universities.



For M.Phil Education program NOC is granted by HEC Pakistan.


Scheme of Studies for M.Phil Education Program (Weekend)

Total Credit Hours = 30

Research Methods in Education Techniques of Educational Assessment Communication and Academic Writing
Trends and Issues in Education Data Analysis and Computer Application Curriculum Development and Organization


Educational Leadership and Management Policy Studies in Education Trends and Issues in Science Education
Quality Assurance in Education Psychological Testing ICTs in Science Education
M. Phil. Thesis in the Areas of Specialization Higher Education: Problems and Issues Developments in Teacher Education
Economics and Financing of Education