M.Phil Special Education


Comprehending the importance of education for children with disabilities, the research-oriented program of M. Phil special education is being offered by the Best University in Multan to train teachers for full filling the needs of special students in Southern Punjab. This is a great landmark in the history of the ISP, as M. Phil Special Education is the founder post-graduate program in the field of special education in Southern Punjab. This program covers all the specializations with particular emphasis to facilitate mainstreaming of special children. Parents of special children can also get admission to this program.

Programs Education Outcomes (PEOs)


Product from the Department of Education will be able to use their skills to set goals and objectives for learning that involves students in significant learning activities.


Students will be able to use their skills of cognitive, social, and emotional development in creating an environment of respect and understanding and a culture for learning.


Engage in customarily teaching practices to help all students – regardless of language, race, geographic location, special needs, or poverty.


Use effective and appropriate communication techniques in their teaching, professional teamwork, and interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and the community.


To train the characters of professional educators in their teaching and interactions with students, colleagues, parents, and the community.


Developing vast Curriculum in a view to producing well-versed Teachers.


Using new and multi-dimensional pedagogic methodologies and train the youth of the nation for better service in the country

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


To give a concrete basis in research, policy, and instruction to teachers in special education


To develop practical and relevant skills required for teachers in special education.


To develop research skills to review education practices such as educational strategies, funding, and quality in education.


To improve instructional as well as practical knowledge in special education.

Eligibility Criteria

16 Years relevant education from HEC recognize institute with at least 2nd Division and GAT General (Category B) with at least 50 % score


Career Prospects

School Teachers for Special Education

Administrators in Special Education Institution

Instructional supervisors for Special Education

Subject specialists in higher secondary schools

Social Worker in NGOs

Officer in Education Department

Counselor for Students with special needs



For M.Phil Special Education program NOC is granted by HEC Pakistan.


Scheme of Studies for M.Phil Special Education Program (Weekend)

Total Credit Hours = 30

Core Courses
Policy and Management in Special Education Trends and Issues in Special Education Differentiated Curriculum and Instructions
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Data Analysis and Computer Applications in Special Education
Area of Specialization

Students will select three courses from following specialization courses.

Advanced Studies in Developmental Disabilities Advanced Studies in Sensory Impairment Advanced Studies in Low Incidence Disabilities
Advanced Studies in Inclusive Education


Research Work
M. Phil Thesis in the Areas of Specialization

Any two courses from the following optional courses in lieu of research thesis

Perspectives of Special Education Diversity and Equity in Special Education Advanced Studies in Education of Children with Visual Impairment
Advanced Studies in Education of Children with Mental Retardation Advanced Studies in Education of Children with Hearing Impairment