MBA (1.5 Years)


An MBA (1.5 years / 3-semesters) is a post-graduate level program that provides an opportunity for candidates with having a 4-year bachelor's degree in business education and who want to improve their management skills. The Best University in Multan provides opportunities to learn special business techniques to be required to excel in the rapidly challenging, changing world environment. The candidate can opt for any one of the areas of specialization such as 'Marketing,' 'Human resources management, 'Management,' and 'Finance.' The Students will have the option to choose a 9-week internship in his/her specialization or take two courses in lieu of internship as part of degree completion requirements.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To impart practical approach to enable the students to solve to problem efficiently and effectively and quickly respond to changing environment.


To equip students with an excellent academic environment to demonstrate high levels of communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, responsibility, teamwork, and leadership in their careers.


To encourage and train the students as a way that they can pursue higher studies, start independent ventures, thereby contributing to the fields of Education and the business world.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


The students have the ability to apply fundamental managerial techniques in the practical world.


The students have the capability to identify and solve managerial problems.


The students take the initiative to launch venture capital by managing physical, financial, and human resources.


They have the ability to lead multidisciplinary and multi-culture teams.


They have leadership qualities that motivate their followers to act according to their wishes.


They have a thorough understanding of the importance of corporate social responsibility.


They have strong communication skills and writing as well as speaking power.

Eligibility Criteria

BBA (Hons) with at least 2nd division and GAT General (Cat-A, Business Education) with at least 50 % score GAT General (Cat-A) with at least 50 % score


Career prospects

The career prospects are in the following fields:

Banking, Marketing, HRM, Finance, and Management.

Both public and private sector companies offer career opportunities for MBAs.

An MBA can provide the skills and knowledge necessary to start a new business, and many companies require an MBA for certain management or leadership positions.

These students can work as founders of startup companies.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2020 Corporate Recruiters Survey, MBA graduates will earn more than their non-MBA colleagues.

These students are expected to be more innovative, more hard-working, more goal-oriented, and more efficient.

They know the value of resources and their effective use.


Scheme of Study MBA Program (1.5 Years)

Total Credit Hours = 33

Strategic Management Strategic Marketing Strategic Finance
Strategic Issues in HRM Advance Research Methods Project Management/Advance
Managerial Economics International Financial Management Retail Management
Advance Corporate Finance Global and International Marketing Training and Development
International HR Management Security Analysis and Financial Derivatives Financial Risk Modeling
Dissertation/Research Work/Internship Managing Product and Services Innovation Integrated Marketing
Bargaining and Negotiation Talent Acquisition Strategies Quantitative Techniques