Executive MBA 2-Years after 16 Years with 3 Years’ Experience


Master of Business Administration (Executive) is a 2-Years program with 4 semesters after master's degree. It is designed for executives who have 3 years or more experience in different fields. This makes working executives more comfortable as they are not comfortable studying with fresh students. After a few years of work experience, a working executive wants to seek higher responsibilities, status, and a better pay package. At the initial stage, they get promotions on the basis of their services but to join top slots; they will have to improve their Education. This program serves its purpose, and its curriculum has been designed in such a way that it improves their knowledge, skill, and leadership characteristics. The Best University in Multan offers this program at weekends to accommodate working professionals. This program offers different specializations like Finance, Banking, Marketing, HRM, and Management. The students can do specialization in these areas according to their own choices and inclination.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To give knowledge of management theories & practices to take the initiative in the success of organizational goals with effective teamwork.


To enhancing analytical and critical thinking skills to solve complex business problems based on factual information.


To generate excellent communication skills and demonstrate ethically sound leadership qualities with a high degree of corporate social responsibility.


Identify the need for research and innovation to comprehend a growing, dynamic business environment.


To develop self-sustaining entrepreneurship qualities by engaging in independent and lifelong learning.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


The student will be able to understand problems of the real business world.


He has strong theoretical and empirical background to deal with day-to-day problems.


He possesses leadership qualities to lead his/her team successfully toward the vision and mission of the organization.


The students will establish themselves as effective professionals by solving real problems through the use of management skills, knowledge, and critical thinking.


The students will demonstrate their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment through learning and application of new skills and competencies.


To use a rational approach to attain set organizational goals.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 3 years work experience after 16 years Education or any Equivalent qualifications with at least 45% /second division.
  • Minimum 50 marks in ISP Admit Test or in NTS GAT Test in relevant category (CAT-A).


Career Prospects

At the completion of this program, the students have the following career prospects:

The student will be able to move to top positions on the basis of his/her new knowledge and skill.

The student can opt for growth strategies to develop his/her career and the growth of his/her organization.

 He can switch over to another career by clinching new and better opportunities.

He can start his own business in the light of existing opportunities and new practical skills.

He can beat his competitors through his/her innovative ideas and way of working.


Scheme of Study MBA Executive Program (2 Years)

Total Credit Hours = 66

Business Mathematics & Basic Statistics Fundamentals of Accounting Principles of Marketing
Fundamentals of Management Micro Economics Financial Accounting
Human Resources Management Applied Statistics Marketing Management
Macro Economics Financial Management Advance Research Methodology
Strategic Finance Strategic Issues of HRM Strategic Marketing
Project Management Strategic Management Financial Reporting
Elective-I Elective-II Project/Two Elective courses/Internship/Thesis

Elective Courses of Banking & Finance

Banking Law & Practice Micro Finance Islamic Banking
Financial Institutions Credit Management Central Banking
Money & Capital Markets


Elective Courses of Marketing

Supply Chain Management Brand Management Marketing Research
Export Marketing Advertising & Sales Promotion Industrial Marketing
Consumer Behavior

Elective Courses of Finance

Islamic Banking & Finance Advance Financial Analytical Techniques Accounting Information System
Investment & Portfolio Management Principles of Auditing Inventory Management Finance


Elective Courses of Management

Policy Analysis & Decision Making Strategic Innovation & Leadership Styles Organizational Development
Portfolio Analysis & Strategy Formulation Total Quality Management

Elective Courses of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Development Stress Management Industrial Relations
Performance Management Compensation Administration Labor Law & Practice