M.Phil Urdu


MPhil in Urdu, at the ISP Multan, is a 02-year program specifically designed to upskill the students who harbor a passion for Urdu Language, Literature, and Linguistics. The program follows the mission to encourage the learners to read and analyze a wide range of creative and critical texts critically. Being highly interdisciplinary in nature, the program enables students to connect their knowledge of Urdu language, literature, and linguistics with several areas of social sciences such as philosophy, psychology, globalization, sociology, etc. The MPhil Urdu allows the students a considerable degree of choice, both in pursuing their area of interest and in selecting a topic of their curiosity for writing their dissertations in the final semesters. Thus, the intensive and extensive focused learning and practice that the students experience during their two-year stay at the Department fully concoct them for pursuing advanced studies and an array of professions and career opportunities. MPhil Urdu aims to investigate a wide range of issues around language in contemporary society. Among these, the most prominent issues include second and foreign language education. The students are encouraged to work in the areas of corpus linguistics, bilingualism, and multilingualism, child language development, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, cross-cultural pragmatics, discourse and conversational analysis, intercultural communication, language teaching, the effectiveness of A/V Aids in classroom teaching and learning, trends in post-modern Literature, critical theories to be applied on text, neo-classicism, and translational studies.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The principal program objectives of the MPhil Urdu program are:


To provide students a well-founded education in linguistics and Literature;


To provide structured curricula which support the academic development of students


To provide and adapt curricula that prepare our graduates for employment and further study


To provide the students with the opportunity to pursue courses that emphasizes quantitative and theoretical aspects of linguistics and Literature

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

To meet the Program Objectives, the Department of Urdu graduates such professional and competent language specialists who will be able to demonstrate the following measurable outcomes:


Teamwork ability


Analytical and problem-solving skills.


Comprehensive understanding of research methodology.


Improvement in cognitive and independent thinking


Skills to present their ideas, finding gaps effectively in the relevant fields, and must provide solutions to the existing problems.

Eligibility Criteria

16 Years relevant education from HEC recognize institute with at least 2nd Division and GAT General (Category B, Arts & Humnities) with at least 50 % score


Career Prospects

MPhil Urdu offers vast opportunities in the future; the graduates can also choose to pursue Ph.D. in Urdu after completion of MPhil Urdu. The program is intended to improve the prospects of employment in teaching and research. Along with teaching and research, it also opens a wide range of opportunities in the fields of journalism, sports, showbiz, etc.



For MPhil Urdu program NOC is granted by HEC Pakistan.


Scheme of Study M.Phil Urdu Program

Total Credit Hours = 30

Asool-e-Tehqeeq aur Riwayat Lissaniyaat Aham Adbi Rujhanat
Tanqeed aur us kay Mubahis Asool-e-Tadveen aur Rivayat Amii Tanqeed
Tarjuma Asool –o-Riwayat Computer and Softtware Research Work