Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry fosters an environment of intellectual involvement focused on the physical sciences. Through the implementation of contemporary teaching methods in the classroom and fostering partnerships between students and faculty in research endeavors, the faculty aims to cultivate within all students a deep-seated curiosity in scientific exploration. This involves employing systematic, experimental, and computational methodologies to both create and examine materials pertinent to societal and natural contexts.


The Department of Chemistry has a comprehensive vision focused on fostering academic and professional growth within the field of Chemistry and its associated disciplines.


Our dedication is directed towards advancing research across various domains, spanning from sustainable energy technologies to the exploration of solutions for human diseases. Our primary commitment is to aid in the establishment of a sustainable society through the avenues of chemistry education, research, and service. This endeavor is realized through fostering interdisciplinary and international collaborative discoveries, providing mentorship and leadership, and generating economic impact via technology transfer and entrepreneurship.


HOD, Department of Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Zahid H. Chohan

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at the Institute of Southern Punjab! Our department prides itself on nurturing a profound understanding of chemistry, fostering critical thinking, and guiding students towards becoming empathetic professionals. With a dedicated faculty and a commitment to relevant research, our inclusive environment encourages exploration and the development of essential skills. Through hands-on learning and exposure to diverse perspectives, we prepare students for successful careers while making meaningful contributions to the field. Explore our programs, faculty, and research initiatives on our website; we're excited to welcome you to our vibrant community.


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