B. Com (2-Years)


Bachelor of Commerce is a 2-Years degree program after having ADP degrees. This program includes four semesters. Its first semester is assumed to be a foundation semester because it provides learning regarding the business field so that students can get more knowledge about the background of the discipline. The program covers core competencies in accounting and finance. The scheme of study of this program is prepared according to the prescribed guidelines of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The Best University in Multan designed this program to adopt business careers from the non-business field and to enhance professional business skills. The program provides opportunities to learn special business techniques required to excel in the challenging and rapidly changing business world. This program has two specializations like Accounting and banking & finance. It is mandatory for every student to go for a 9-weeks internship in the banking sector or non-financial sector for practical exposure, which helps them in promoting their career path.

Program Mission

To be a leading Commerce Department of the country in respect of quality education, practical know-how, and e-commerce. To promote a culture and environment that attracts and fosters the best available talent, inspire the trust of students, create value for all and lend support to less privileged classes by improving their access to quality education at affordable cost.

Career Prospects

The students have the following career paths:

  • To take the initiative as an entrepreneur.
  • To start a career in a big trading house.
  • To start work in any business organization in Pakistan and abroad.
  • To provide consultancy services to different business firms.
  • To take advantage of growing E-commerce and work from home to earn money.
  • To work in marketing companies to introduce and launch their products in different markets.
  • To utilize his capabilities in the preparation and interpretation of financial statements.

Eligibility Criteria

ADP in relevant field with at least 2nd division.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

To analyze, apply and evaluate core concepts of business disciplines to achieve sustainable results in an educational setting.

To apply communication skills to work effectively across business disciplines, achieving impact and influence among all stakeholders

To demonstrate the ability to apply conceptual and analytical tools to resolve managerial issues.

To demonstrate leadership and commitment to stakeholder success in diverse communities.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

To assume and discharge management/leading responsibilities of local/international business

Be able to promote ethical business practices at the workplace.

Having the skill to manage financial resources efficiently.

Become an entrepreneur or effectively serve in an entrepreneurial firm.

Having the ability to contribute to the development of academic institutions by undertaking teaching and research work.

Scheme of Study B. Com (2-Years) Program

Total Credit Hours = 66

Managerial Economics
Business Psychology
Accounting Techniques
Money, Banking & Financial Markets
Financial Management
Portfolio Management
Balance Sheet Analysis
Research Methods in Business
Organizational Behavior
E- Commerce
International Business
Issues in Pakistan Economy
Auditing & Tax Accounting
Operational Management
Marketing Management
Strategic Management
Expert Systems & Artificial Intelligence
Total Quality Management
Management Accounting
Dissertation/Project +
Internship + Viva Voce