BS Islamic Banking and Finance

Program Objectives

  1. To learn Basic concepts, theories and practices of economics, banking and finance.
  2. To know the mechanisms and functioning of various large economies of the world and their interaction with each other.
  3. To know various problems and issues in financial economies.
  4. To understand the way in which banks, financial institutions and markets around the world operate.
  5. Islamic principles of economics and their application in banking and finance

Program Mission

The Bachelor of Science in Islamic Banking and Finance has been designed to provide students with thorough knowledge and skills in the financial sector, with a particular focus on the influence and impact of Islamic frameworks on economics, banking and finance generally.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate or equivalent (12 years) qualification with minimum (45 %) marks
  • In case of O Levels, A Levels, American High School Diploma or any other equivalent foreign qualification (45%) marks or grades etc.

Scheme of Study BS Islamic Banking and Finance

Total Credit Hours = 129

Functional English
Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan
Islamic Studies and Ethics
Business Mathematics
Business Economics
Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
Quantitative Reasoning-I
Arts and Humanities
Application of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
Islamic Economics
Principles of Management
Islamic Law of Business
Quantitative Reasoning-II
Expository Writing
Introduction to Sociology
Principles of Marketing
Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance
Commercial Bank Management
Civics and Community Engagement
Environmental Sciences
Financial Accounting
Islamic Bait-ul-Maal
Islamic Banking Theory and Practice
Zakat and Public Finance
Financial Management
Islamic Asset and Fund Management
Risk Management for Islamic Banks
Takaful / Islamic Insurance
Fiqh ul Mamilat
Shariah Auditing
Islamic Product Development
Islamic SME Financing
Elective I
Elective II
Islamic Microfinance
AAOIFI Shariah Standards
Islamic Financial Reporting
Shariah Governance in Islamic Financials
Islamic Entrepreneurship
Business Ethics and Islam
Elective III
Elective IV
Elective Courses
Islamic Wealth Management
Islamic Capital Markets
Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions
Emerging Issues in Islamic Economics
Principles of Islamic Trade
Islamic Economies
Fintech and its Islamic Finance Application
Islamic Financial Contracts