BS Computer Science


Computer science has a wide range of applications in every field of life. The processes and concepts employed in the development of complex software systems are the emphases of the BS (Computer Sciences) curriculum. This BS Computer Science curriculum guides students through the examination of computer science’s conceptual foundations, such as fundamental algorithms and programming languages, database systems, software and project management, artificial intelligence, data sciences, and more. The curriculum gives students a wide understanding of modern software and hardware tools and techniques and introduces them to a variety of programming paradigms. Additionally, students have the option of selecting from a diverse variety of electives.

Eligibility Criteria

F.Sc Pre-Engineering, ICS and FSc Pre-Medical (Deficiency Courses) with minimum 50% mark In case of A Level, American High School Diploma or any other equivalent foreign qualification, an equivalence certificate FSc Pre-Engineering, ICS and FSc Pre-Medical (Deficiency Courses) from IBCC is mandatory.

Degree Completion Criteria

Degree Completion Requirements To become eligible for award of BS degree, a student must satisfy the following requirements: a) Must have studied and passed the prescribed courses, totaling at least 130 credit hours. b) Must have earned CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of at least 2.0 on a scale of 4.0.

Scheme of Study BS Computer Science Program

Total Credit Hours = 130

Introduction to ICT
Calculus & Analytical Geometry
Digital Logic & Design
Programming Fundamentals
English Composition and Comprehension
Discrete Structure
Communication & Presentation Skills
Probability & Statistics
Islamic Studies
Object-Oriented Programming
Computer Organization & Assembly Language
Data Structures & Algorithms
Technical & Report Writing
Design & Analysis of Algorithms
Operating System
Differential Equations
Database Systems
Theory of Automate
Linear Algebra
Computer Networks
Information Security
Software Engineering
CS-Supporting 1
Compiler Construction
Artificial Intelligence
Human Resource Management
Digital Image Processing
CS-Supporting 2
Pakistan Studies
Software Project
Elective Courses
Internet & Web Engineering
Human Computer Interaction
Introduction to Data Sciences
Advance Object Oriented Programming
Data Mining & Data Warehousing
Wireless Networks
Information Security
Introduction to Machine Learning
Digital Image Processing
Big Data Analysis
Data & Network Security
Advance DBMS
Introduction to Machine Vision
Natural Language Processing
Theory of Programming Languages
Fundamentals of Marketing
Financial Accounting
Visual Programming