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Multan is an Ancient city famous for its cultural heritage of Arts and Crafts. The Best University in Multan (ISP) has established the Department of Fine Arts and Design to continue and promote this cultural heritage of Arts and Crafts. Department of Fine Arts and Design is concerned with Aesthetics related to the perception of Arts and Design.

From its most punctual start as one of ISP’s parts, the Arts and Design Department has extended its assortment of fields to involve aptitude that traverses the globe and reaches from times long past to contemporary craftsmanship. Our faculty upholds cross-local, transnational, and transcultural methods of investigation worked around the rule of contact zones between societies. Visual art is a language that should be learned. The information on the procedure and medium structures the premise of individual articulation, and that advancement comes through comprehension and learning of visual language. We accept that inventive articulation has the ability to change the world. A craftsman is a savant, language specialist, visionary, essayist, pundit, scholar, or more all human simultaneously.


"ISP envision as a leading institute in the integration of teaching learning, advancement of knowledge based on modern learning system at affordable cost. We are moving toward inclusive excellence through institutional transformation for economic growth and success of country by shifting the trend for traditional education to the professional education."


"To develop human resources by inculcating professional knowledge, skills and ethical values, offering flexible, tailored training and education solutions designed to educate, inspire and motivate individuals to bring-in prosperity in employment and citizenship."

Department Information

The department of Fine Arts and Design has been established with a mission to enhance the creative abilities of our students and make them ready to take up challenges and opportunities of the future. We envision preparing Art professionals who are passionate and have a can-do attitude to try and create new concepts. Students will prosper in the field of art, including paintings, drawings, print media, and sculptures, by using high-end technical support and modern science and technology. The students will cultivate critical thinking abilities and develop expressional skills through Art theory.


HOD, Department of Fine Arts

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our university. Our department is dedicated to fostering creativity, artistic expression, and critical thinking in the field of Fine Arts. We offer a range of programs and courses that provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various artistic disciplines. Our talented faculty members bring their expertise and passion to inspire and guide students in their artistic journey. At the Institute of Southern Punjab, we provide state-of-the-art facilities and ample opportunities for students to exhibit their work and engage with the artistic community. Join us in exploring the world of creativity and unlocking your artistic potential at the Institute of Southern Punjab's Department of Fine Arts.

Coordination Info

Areesha Ismail

Contact: 0304-0221976
Email:     [email protected]


Faculty of Fine Arts Department

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