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The department of Islamic studies working under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Saeed ur Rahman. Area of Specialization is Islamic Shariah. The department of Islamic studies offered many programs like BS Islamic Studies, ADP, M.Phil Islamic studies. This department focuses on teaching about moral behavior, integrity and honesty, providing a spiritual foundation, promoting tolerance and compassion towards others in a diverse society.


We at the Best University in Multan believe that through concerted and strenuous strives, our students shall be able to step forth into the real and highly competitive world with the ability to make a mature judgment based on a clear understanding of concepts and moral values. The ultimate goal, manifesto, and strategy of the Institute of Southern Punjab are to enhance Institutional performance through continuous improvement in teaching, learning, and research.


The purpose of establishing the Department of Islamic Studies is to promote the study and implementation of Islamic education, culture, ethics and civilization, to provide the society with Islamic scholars who can unite Muslims across the country on the platform of Islamic Sharia, devote their lives to providing practical solutions to contemporary problems in the light of Islamic teachings and preaching that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and mutual harmony.


1. To equip our students with modern equipment.
2. To learn with innovative ideas to spread and spread the message of Islam.
3. To promote the knowledge of Islam with the contemporary world, especially in terms of quality and religious harmony.
4. To expose the modern scientific, technological and social development with the expertise of Islamic education.
5. To develop expertise in the subjects of Quran, Sunnah, Fiqh, Seerah, Islamic History, Philosophy and Sufism.
6. To promote tolerance, brotherhood, unity, moderation, broad-mindedness, moral and love with other Islamic values among the Muslim Ummah and world of humanity.

Department Information

Our Department of Islamic Studies is dedicated to helping students to fulfill their academic knowledge and to promoting their research potential based on authentic original Islamic sources. We aim to disseminate Islamic studies in an environment that accords with Islamic values and thus tries to emulate Islamic norms in which that knowledge matured and developed. The best university in Multan provides the best opportunity for students who want a profound understanding of Islam, its philosophy, and its law in its right context and perspective.


HOD, Department of Islamic Studies

Prof. Dr. Saeed Ur Rehman

Welcome to the Department of Islamic Studies at the Institute of Southern Punjab. As the Dean, I warmly welcome students, faculty, and visitors. Our department is dedicated to promoting a comprehensive understanding of Islamic principles, values, and teachings. We offer diverse programs that delve into various aspects of Islamic studies, including theology, jurisprudence, and history. With our experienced faculty, we ensure a high-quality education that combines traditional scholarship with contemporary perspectives. Our goal is to cultivate a deep appreciation and critical understanding of Islam in a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Please explore our website for program details, faculty profiles, and exciting opportunities. Feel free to contact us for further exploration of the world of Islamic studies. Thank you for visiting. Welcome to the Department of Islamic Studies at the Institute of Southern Punjab.

Coordination Info

Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Yasin

Contact: 03336789808
Email:     [email protected]


Faculty of Islamic Studies Department

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