Department of Islamic Studies

Introduction of Department

The Department of Islamic Studies has been a part of ISP’s curriculum since its inception in 2010 in South Punjab. The Department offers courses at BS and M. Phil levels. The Department of Islamic Studies orients the teaching of Islam toward building expertise and focuses on providing instruction that is meaningful, communicative, and responsive to the learners’ needs. This Department emphasizes teaching Islamic Studies in its wider, more genuine contexts and in the philosophies of discourse and meaning. The best university in Multan focuses on using the effective approaches of teaching The Quran, Hadith, Kalaam, Muslim Philosophy, Fiqh, Tasawwuf, and major reforms in the Islamic world.

Programs We Offer

Islamic Studies

BS Islamic Studies
(2.5 Years)

BS Islamic Studies
(2 Years)

Islamic Studies

Department Info

ispProf. Dr. Saeed Ur Rehman

Our Department of Islamic Studies is dedicated to helping students to fulfill their academic knowledge and to promoting their research potential based on authentic original Islamic sources. We aim to disseminate Islamic studies in an environment that accords with Islamic values and thus tries to emulate Islamic norms in which that knowledge matured and developed. The best university in Multan provides the best opportunity for students who want a profound understanding of Islam, its philosophy, and its law in its right context and perspective.

Related Programs

BS Urdu

BS Urdu (2.5 Year)

BS English (2.5 Years)

Coordination Info

Mr. Syed Iftikhar Gillani
[email protected]


Department of Islamic Studies