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The Law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through the social institution to govern behaviour, wherever possible.

Department of Law is newly established department to provide open and affordable access to high quality legal education. NOC has been granted by Pakistan Bar Council (PBC). We at Department of Law is committed to follow all rules and regulations as provided by HEC, PBC and August Supreme Court of Pakistan about providing LLB – 5 years degree education in line with international standards. The Department of Law offers excellent research and learning activities and provides a friendly, lively and civilized atmosphere.

The Department of Law has seasoned faculty working hard to promote legal education and to uplift politics, economics and society in numerous ways and to serve as a social mediator of relations between people.


Law Graduates will serve the community through the effective use of the concepts and techniques of Legal Practice. Graduates will exhibit aptitude for leadership, team work, collaboration, independent learning and effective interpersonal communication skills, and will abide by the code of ethics in professional practices.This vision is aligned with the vision of ISP to make quality education affordable and accessible to all having passion for it.

Department Information

The Department of Law of Institute of Southern Punjab Multan started its journey from October 2022 with an aim of taking the lead in the region and creating country best lawyers. Initially 100 students have become part of this journey to fulfill that aim. The Department is keen to employ the leading researchers and practitioners whose skilful supervision will benefit the students in enriching their knowledge and practical skills. The Department is making efforts to enrich the law library through stocking latest books written by different writers in every relevant subject and also enabling access to online law journals and e-Books. The students will get excellent library facilities for their research work, and students are actively guided in their research. They are always welcome to discuss their educational issues with the concerned course teacher. During different periods of the course the leading lawyers of the country will be invited to share their court experience with the students and give their valuable suggestions. There will be seminars on different issues of law where leading academics and lawyers will be invited. The students will have opportunity to participate in debate and mooting competition. The students will be well taken care of according to the reputation of the Institute. The students will be required to participate in different discussions to enhance their understanding of law and skill. Well performing students will receive scholarship according to the rules of the Institute.


HOD, Department of Law

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Adnan

I am delighted to lead a department that is dedicated to the exploration of legal knowledge, the promotion of justice, and the principles of the rule of law. Our department is committed to providing a comprehensive legal education that prepares students for the challenges of a dynamic legal landscape. Through our engaging curriculum, distinguished faculty, and immersive learning experiences, we strive to cultivate well-rounded legal professionals with a strong foundation in legal theory, critical thinking, and ethical values. Our graduates are equipped to navigate complex legal issues and contribute meaningfully to society. Join us at the Department of Law as we embark on an enlightening journey of legal scholarship, advocacy, and social transformation. Together, let's shape a future where justice and the rule of law prevail.

Coordination Info

Mr. Abbas Khan

Contact: 0332-6061281
Email:     [email protected]


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