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The Mass Communication Department at ISP is distinctively interdisciplinary and international in its outlook and provides an innovative and learning environment to ambitious students. The Best University for Mass Communication has a TV Studio and a computer lab with an internet facility. The recent developments in communication technologies, the emergence of audiences, and effects at geo-economics levels have offered abundant potential in the field of media all around the globe. This is the reason we adapt and answer the need of the hour by offering customized training for media graduates. The distinguished faculty members, staff, and students at the Best University in Multan are committed to this vision. They are constantly endeavoring to attain academic and professional excellence and explore emerging horizons to establish a great benchmark in the communication industry.


“To become a leading Institution of learning by creation and dissemination of knowledge for sustainable socio-economic development and technological advancement of the country and the world, at large.”


“The Institute will produce highly qualified committed individuals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and the country. The human resource, thus produced will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to act as solution provider for many issues of the region and the country while respecting the ethical values.”


Faculty of Mass Communication

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Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza

Contact: 0302-7868800
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