Program Duration:  02 Years

Courses:                   26

Credit Hours:           74

Semesters:               04

Eligibility Criteria

Pass in Intermediate or equivalent.

Introductory Statistics
Functional English
Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan
Islamic Studies/Ethics
Machine Learning I / Micro-Economics
Translation of the Holy Qur’an I
Natural Sciences
Mathematical Statistics I
Calculus II
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Arts and Humanities
Data analysis with spreadsheet / Macro Economics
Translation of the Holy Qur’an II
Basic Statistical Inference
Quantitative Reasoning I
Expository Writing
Social Sciences
Decision Theory
Machine learning II / Principles of Marketing
Mathematical Statistics II
Translation of the Holy Qur’an III
Introduction to Probability and Distributions
Introduction to Regression and Analysis of Variance
Quantitative Reasoning II
Mathematical Models and Simulation
Introduction to deep learning / Business Mathematics and Statistics
Civics and Community Engagement
Translation of the Holy Qur’an IV
Group 1 Group 2
Data Analysis with Spreadsheet
Machine Learning I
Micro- Economics
Machine Learning II
Principles of Marketing
Introduction to Deep Learning
Business Mathematics and Statistics