Department of Mechanical Engineering

Introduction of the Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, the Department of Mechanical Engineering approved academic program in BSc Mechanical Engineering. The Department is newly establish in 2021 by the Best University in Multan and started offering a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

We provide an exhaustive education in engineering physics and mathematics principles, as well as materials science, to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems, and we encourage students to apply what they have learned through internships, research, and projects.

The Department consists of experienced faculty, well-equipped classrooms, and state-of-the-art equipment in all the ten laboratories, e.g., Fluid Mechanics Lab, Engineering Mechanics Lab, Strength of Material Lab, IC Engine Lab, Thermodynamic Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Refrigeration & Air Condition Lab, Power Plant Lab, Mechanics of Machine Lab, and Mechanical Workshop.

The Best University in Multan provides continuous academic improvement through consultation with faculty, industry and mechanical engineering professionals, and students. The faculty at the Mechanical Engineering department is well qualified with expertise in diverse areas, including Design Engineering, Design & Manufacturing, Thermo-Fluid Science, Thermal Engineering, General Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy.

Introduction of Mechanical Engineering

This program focuses on preparing technically strong engineers who can contribute effectively to the nation, society, and industry through research, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, and a motivational life-long learning attitude. Mechanical engineering considered one of the most resourceful of all engineering programs offered by the Best University in Multan. The curriculum includes methodological tools, innovative thought, communication skills, and management tools and provides students the opportunities to work efficiently as individuals and in teams. In the last year of the program, students are required to apply the theoretical knowledge to real-world problems and gain hands-on engineering experiences that require problem designing, teamwork, communication, time management, and economic analysis. The Best University in Multan inspires students to pick internship opportunities that provided them a chance to utilize the knowledge and gain real-time experience. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in national and international competitions and earn a good name for themselves and ISP as well. Mechanical Engineers can find employment in the field of production & manufacturing, design, operation & maintenance, and administration.

Programs We Offer

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Department Info

ispProf. Dr. Muhammad Nasim

ISP engineering and technology alumni are recognized all over the country and abroad. The advanced education and research in engineering and technology continue to be among the Institute’s greatest strengths. The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) sets high standards for quality and transforms you into a well-equipped learned professional. I encourage you to visit us and meet our highly qualified faculty and see state-of-the-art equipment in our laboratories. I am certain that if you do visit, you will be convinced to select the Institute of Southern Punjab as your second home.

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Coordination Info

Mr. Zahid Riaz
[email protected]


Department of Mechanical Engineering