Dr. Abdul Rauf Kashif

Profile Summary

Dr. Abdul Rauf earned his Ph.D. in Finance from Iqra University Islamabad, Pakistan, marking a significant milestone in his academic journey. With this achievement, he solidified his position as a dedicated and accomplished scholar in the field. His academic journey continued with an MS in Finance, also from Iqra University Islamabad, in 2013, further enriching his knowledge and expertise in the world of finance and economics. He holds an MBE from Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, Pakistan, earned in 2009, and a B. Com from the same institution in 2007. Dr. Kashif’s commitment to ongoing education and professional development is evident in his certifications, including his ongoing pursuit of CMA (Graduation level) with ICMA Pakistan. His educational background and continuous pursuit of knowledge underscore his dedication to academic excellence and the advancement of financial research and education.

PhD Finance
Iqra University, Pakistan.
Professional Experience
Coordinator QEC/ Assistant Professor
Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan.
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