Dr. Muhammad Akram Malik

Profile Summary

I am an academic form educational psychology background with a total of 50 years compromising 37 years of teaching and 13 administration (college level) and research experience, specializing in educational psychology. I have versatile experience of administration motivation and trainings to serve in the areas of guidance, counseling and problem solving by preparing next generation. I have made significant contributions to education and published 35 research and social articles. So far, I have had the opportunity to supervisor M.Phil. level 75 plus thesis students.

I am currently working as a head of department of education, institute of southern Punjab , Multan where a primary focus of my research is

  • Administration
  • Conduct educational research studies
Ph.D. In Education (Major) Educational Psychology (Minor)
University of the Punjab, Lahore
Master In Education
University of the Punjab, Lahore
University of the Punjab, Lahore
Professional Experience
G.C.D/ G Khan
1980 - 1983
Assistant Director
Director of Education Colleges, D/G Khan
1983 - 1988
G.C.D / G Khan
1989 - 1993
Assistant Professor
G.C. Education, D/G Khan
1993 - 2000
Assistant Professor
G.C. Education, Multan
2000 - 2003
Assistant Professor
G. Emerson College Multan
2004 - 2006
D.E.O. (College)
2006 - 2008
D.E.O/Dy.Director (College)
2008 - 2012
Associate Professor
Haroon Abad. (Bahawalnagar)
2009 - 2012
Associate Professor (Visiting)
Institute of Social Science B.Z.U. Multan. (Teaching BS. , MS. , M. Phil. , “ Education/ Special Education”)
2015 - 2019
Professor of Education
Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan
2019 - To Date