Executive Student Forum


Institute of Southern Punjab (ISP) believes that co-curricular activities play a pivotal role in the personality development of the students. It provides them a chance to explore, nourish and promote their hidden talents. For this purpose, a student forum, Executive Student Forum (ESF) is working at the Best University in Multan.

Innovation is our tradition

ESF is the student body, selected from the top-performing students from all over the institute to work for the best interest of the institution and students’ protection and promotion. Its objectives are

  • To involve the students in healthy and creative activities to avoid indulging them in the destructive activities 
  • To represent the interests of its members and act as a channel of communication in dealings with the University and other bodies to protect and represent the welfare of students
  • To promote, encourage and support members of societies in and cultural activities

Society is the sub-component of the ESF designed to perform some social-specific tasks. These student societies play an important role in university life by bringing together like-minded students to engage in activities the society seeks to promote.

ESF is the Best University in Multan where we work on the students and provide them professional grooming, educate them and work on their personality development.

Which helps them to bring innovations. It includes 14 Societies with different visions and missions towards the successful growth of ISP and students to achieve high. The Societies are different and have a Hierarchy of Span in every single society.

List of ESF Societies 

Head of ESF


Greetings, I welcome you all Exceptional People!

ESF is the platform where we work in collaboration with our students and provide them diverse opportunities to try, excel and challenge their abilities. ESF was built by keeping professional grooming at the core. Our key focus is to transform individuals into energetic, confident, and well-equipped assets. By mitigating individual differences and welcoming diversity we establish teamwork and a culture of mutual respect. Innovation, creativity and the orientation to do more are our key values. Each year, we welcome students from across the academic department to become part of this boundary-breaking amazing team of ESF.

President of ESF


Nadir Ali

Greeting, Welcome to ISP, I am the elected President of ESF Executive student Forum) Best University in Multan. My record exemplifies passionate, self-driven advocacy on behalf of all of us leave about your interests and your voice. I have been a member of ESF ISP each year I have learned more about the commitment level it takes to get the concerns and issues of students of ISP heard and presented to the proper administration and off in order to get them resolved. I aim to highlight ISP through our ESF on a national and international level. So that everybody should know out there we are ISP and we are Exceptional! Being president of society it’s hard but it’s so worth it because it develops you as a person and gives you the confidence to go on to other things you might never have dreamed of. I want you all to come and join us as a part of our journey to make it all happen under this prestigious and complementary environment.

Looking Forward to Your Motivation, commitment, dedication, and willingness.



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