ISP Studio

Message from Director General ISP

ISP Studio from the Best University in Multan is a far-reaching reality that is the recent benchmark of Going Global with a louder and clearer voice. Moreover, I personally believe that the wider range of possibilities an institute offers to its students, the richer their experiences become and the higher their motivation reaches. It is to be remembered that ISP is the name of Infinite Possibilities.

ISP Studio is ready to shine.


Mr. Saqib Nazir Ahmed
Director-General ISP


ISP Studio is a State-of-The-Art by the Best University in Multan, In-Campus production house which is purposefully built for catering to the new dynamics of learning. This In-House production facility has two faces of value addition. The first is to provide its students, faculty members, and local talent with the opportunity to have a hands-on experience of creating content for Screen in the form of TV Shows, Vlogs, and News Bulletins, etc. The second is to provide its audience with the quality of content that waters the sensible needs.

Talking about the technical aspect, the studio is a combination of 3 state of the art Physical and 1 Virtual Studio sets. Physical Studios include Entertainment Studio, News Studio, and Green-Screen (Chroma) studio. SEDC studio is an online studio facility for Live Programs with people coming from different destinations across the globe. The Best University in Multan includes a Spacious and Sound-Proof Studio hall, a dedicated Master Control Room (MCR) with all the latest technological support, a Dressing Room, and a welcoming reception. The latest Mirrorless cameras, professionally established lighting systems, and noise-free sound setup being operated by the experts make the media content stand prominent on social media platforms. The studio is presently creating programs on News, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Forums, Success Stories, Fiction, Skills Development, and some other important genres. The overwhelmingly positive response coming from the academic and industrial circles is a fuel that is adding more energy and motivation.

ISP Munch

Talent Hunt Alert We delightedly announce an open platform for Exceptional students from different departments of ISP and other institutes where they can portray their Skills, talent, and Artistic side.


Stories are easy to remember than facts provided in books or considered ancient given by previous generations but yes the way we depict them is the most important thing to be remembered by each generation.


ISP Studio is bringing an energetic show full of wisdom and information with the name of “HEROES OF THE SOIL”.

SEDC Insights

Welcome to Season III of SEDC Insights: Wisdom for All with Ushna Tariq. In this season, the book name is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Franklin Covey!


Encouragement and ardency are what make a work going and our Will to move forward hasn’t been hidden from those who tend to notice it.

The Friday Bulletin

News is what keeps us in touch with reality… The drama, the thrills, the entertainment around us. The Friday Bulletin with Arslan Javed and Sidra Jamil Qadri is the first-ever weekly news bulletin of the Institute of Southern Punjab broadcasting the most important news from inside the campus. 


To target and cater to the entrepreneurial needs of youth. ISP STUDIO has developed an exclusive show named I-Ventures. It will help the audience prepare, plan and execute their Ideas in this contemporary Business world. The show will invite experts and Gurus from different business areas to share their journey and tacit knowledge.

Random Facts Show

Work at ISP Studio is in full swing and new programs continue to arrive. Such an innovative new program called Random Fact Show is going to be aired on ISP Studio. Random Facts Show (RFS) is a storytelling show which features important events and happenings all around the globe.

Good Morning ISP

ISP Studio is bringing a good morning show full of fun and entertainment. Good Morning ISP is your first source of entertainment as soon as you wake up in the morning, keeping you energized for the rest of the day.

The Weekend Show

Your weekends are never going to be the same again. New Program “The Weekend Show” is coming soon only on ISP Studio, Show host will be Shoaeb Hameed Mohel.

ISP Confidence Lounge

Do you hesitate to speak in front of people? Are you scared to take the stage? Do you feel shy to put out your opinions? Do you want to become the most confident person in the room? ISP studio brings you a dedicated show where the confidence experts will talk about all the aspects of confidence.

Batain Mann Ki

ISP Studio is bringing another exciting show “Batain Mann ki Season-2” This exciting series is a bridge between teacher-student relations development by having a light mode conversation with teachers about their personal & professional life. program host will be Mr.Moshin Sher

The ESF Show

Here we are with the ESF Show Season 2. An informative Show which is going in a splendid manner. The ESF show was organized in ISP Studio with the guest Abdul Hadi Qureshi the Executive Director of Jaggo welfare organization.

Chitthi Ayi hai

Here we are with the ESF Show Season 2. An informative Show which is going in a splendid manner. The ESF show was organized in ISP Studio with the guest Abdul Hadi Qureshi the Executive Director of Jaggo welfare organization.

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