Life at ISP


Life at the Best University in Multan plays in overall shaping up students’ personalities. This informal part of education is extremely important and the Institute of Southern Punjab encourages its students to play an active role in the extracurricular activities during their time at the campus. Taking part in one or several of these students’ activities is an easy way to get into student life and to make new friends. Students with an active and balanced social life can achieve more in life than those who only focus on academics. At ISP, students organize and participate in various social and extracurricular activities that make life on campus a memorable experience for the years to come.

Student Activities

A wide range of activities is planned over the year that includes seminars, workshops, interactive sessions, studio programs, and the events planned & organized by the Executive Student Forum (ESF). The purpose is to polish the personality of our students and make them ready for the real world.

Social Life

Opportunities to work in the form of diversified groups, teams and making connections with people of ISP is a great way to lead an active social life during your time on campus.



There are multiple options to travel to the Institute of Southern Punjab.

ISP is situated at the main Bosan road and is surrounded by many key locations of the city. It is very easy for all sorts of commuters to reach campus. Students can avail the transportation facility on the prescribed routes and timings all over the city. In addition to this, you can take a cab, an auto or a taxi to reach the premises of ISP.



You are safe – so are your vehicles.

The Road to Success Is Lined with Many Parking Spaces. Institute of Southern Punjab is providing quality education to its students as well as providing them all exuberant facilities. ISP has marked the largest parking lot in South Punjab for its faculty and students, with the facility to park thousands of motorcycles and hundreds of vehicles.

The Campus Experience

ISP offers a mix of cultures and ethnicities in a single place. You will find diversity, creativity, a variety of traditions, and a blend of socio-cultural values. ISP believes in developing an environment of mutual respect and offers a far-reaching, boundary-breaking yet composed student life. Remember for an ISPIAN- Sky is the limit.

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