BBA (2.5)


This program is designed to provide an opportunity to those students who have graduated in other disciplines and facilitate them to get a business education. The first semester is the foundation semester in which the students learn the basics of business. They will have to study at least five subjects having 15 credit hours in each semester. At the end of course work, he will have to carry out a 9-weeks internship in the area of his/her specialization. Apart from this, he will have to undergo various sessions of training and development every semester. The Best University in Multan has designed a special curriculum for this purpose, and the underlying objectives of this program are the career and character building of the students.

Eligibility Criteria

BA/ BSc or equivalent with at least second division.

Career Prospects

There is a lot of scope of this degree because the student will be able to:

  • Start his/her own business
  • Get employment in any business and industrial firm according to his/her specialization
  • Get higher education in business studies.
  • Analyze business issues critically and solve them in innovative ways.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

To learn the importance of business education.

To learn practical value and scope of business education.

To acquire the skill of doing business.

To prepare for advanced business education.

To get command over analytical techniques to analyze business issues.

To learn managerial techniques and the importance of physical and human resources.

To get training on how to develop a career.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

To use his knowledge and skill at the workplace.

To make innovative decisions to achieve rapid growth in business and employment.

To critically analyze the business environment and formulate business strategy accordingly.

To understand business problems or issues at the workplace and resolve them quickly

To carry out planning, execution, and use resources efficiently.

To be eligible to get higher business studies.

Scheme of Study BBA (2.5 Years) Program

Total Credit Hours = 78

Introduction to Computer
Business Mathematics
Introduction to Management
Financial Accounting-I
Marketing Management
Cost Accounting
Financial Management
Business Law
Organizational Behavior
Business Ethics
Consumer Behavior
Business Research
Management Information System
Business Policy
Operations Management
International Business Management
Project/Two Elective courses
Elective Courses of Banking & Finance
Islamic Banking and Finance
Export Marketing
Industrial Marketing
Principles of Auditing
Labor Law and Practices
Strategic Innovation and Leadership styles
Elective Courses of Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Brand Management
Marketing Research
Export Marketing
Advertising & Sales Promotion
Industrial Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Elective Courses of Finance
Corporate Finance
Islamic Banking & Finance
Investment & Portfolio Management
Financial Statement Analysis
Advance Financial Analytical Techniques
Accounting Information System
Principles of Auditing
Inventory Management Finance
Elective Courses of Management
Policy Analysis & Decision Making
Strategic Innovation & Leadership Styles
Organizational Development
Portfolio Analysis & Strategy Formulation
Total Quality Management
Elective Courses of Human Resource Management
Human Resource Development
Stress Management
Industrial Relations
Performance Management
Compensation Administration
Labor Law & Practice
Training & Development