BS Hospitality and Tourism Management

Eligibility Criteria

  • Intermediate or equivalent (12 years) qualification with minimum (45 %) marks
  • In case of O Levels, A Levels, American High School Diploma or any other equivalent foreign qualification (45%) marks or grades etc.

Program Mission

The program's primary aim is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in various sectors of the hospitality and tourism industry. It seeks to foster an understanding of global hospitality and tourism trends, sustainable practices, and innovative approaches to guest experiences. Additionally, the program aims to instill in students a strong sense of professionalism, adaptability, and critical thinking, enabling them to thrive in dynamic and competitive hospitality and tourism environments.

Program Objectives

  1. To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality tourism industry, including its operational, managerial, and strategic aspects.
  2. To gain a solid foundation in business, customer service, and hospitality and tourism operations, preparing them for diverse roles within the field.
  3. To cultivate leadership skills, cultural awareness, and ethical decision-making in the context of hospitality and tourism management.

Scheme of Study BS Hospitality and Tourism Management

Total Credit Hours = 129

Functional English
Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan
Islamic Studies and Ethics
Principles of Management
Organizational and Consumer Behavior
Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality
Quantitative Reasoning-I
Arts and Humanities
Application of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
Tourism Management
Restaurant Management
Financial Accounting
Quantitative Reasoning-II
Expository Writing
Introduction to Sociology
Financial Management
Tourism and Hospitality Laws
Cultural Tourism
Civics and Community Engagement
Environmental Sciences
Tourism Marketing
Hospitality Operations
Sports and Adventure Tourism
Travel & Tour Operations
Religious Tourism
Event Management
Public Relations
Front Office Operations and Management
Heritage Management
Destination Branding
Tourism and Peace
Tourism Concepts and Principles
Food Supply Chain Management
Management Information System
Hygiene & Nutrition Management
Digital Marketing
Project Management
Emerging Trends in Hospitality Industry
Elective Courses
Culinary Art
Pakistan – Tourist Destinations
Quality Management for Hospitality & Tourism
Global Tourism & Hospitality
Customer Relationship Management
House Keeping Operations and Management
E-Business for Tourism and Hospitality
Finance in Tourism & Hospitality