Industry Advisory Board


The Industry Advisory Board of Southern Business School at the Institute of Southern Punjab in Multan plays a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic connection between academia and industry. This strategic collaboration ensures that the educational programs offered by the institute are not only relevant but also aligned with the evolving needs and trends of the business world.

Comprising esteemed professionals, industry leaders, and experts from diverse sectors, the Advisory Board serves as a bridge between the academic community and the corporate realm. Its primary objective is to provide valuable insights, guidance, and recommendations to the Southern Business School, ensuring that the curriculum remains current and responsive to the demands of the ever-changing business landscape.

The Advisory Board members bring a wealth of real-world experience to the table, offering a unique perspective that enriches the educational environment. They contribute by sharing industry trends, identifying skill gaps, and suggesting ways to enhance the employability of students. This proactive involvement of industry stakeholders ensures that graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to excel in their respective fields.

Through regular meetings, workshops, and collaborative initiatives, the Advisory Board facilitates a continuous dialogue between academia and industry. This engagement not only benefits students but also enables faculty members to stay abreast of industry developments and integrate relevant insights into their teaching methodologies.

The Institute Industry Advisory Board of Southern Business School serves as a driving force for innovation and excellence in education. By fostering strong ties with the business community, the institute ensures that its graduates are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the professional world. This collaborative model exemplifies the commitment of the Institute of Southern Punjab to delivering education that goes beyond the classroom, preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving global economy.

Industry Advisory Board Members