Ph.D Management Sciences

Admissions Test

a) Candidate is required to:

  1. Pass the test equivalent to GRE/HAT General developed by ISP, with the passing score of 60%. OR
  2. Pass the test equivalent to GRE/HAT General, conducted by testing bodies accredited by HEC, with a passing score of 60%.

b) In addition to clause (a), ISP may conduct subject test for admission in PhD programs, if required.

Interdisciplinary Qualifications

Consistent with best practices internationally (including leading global universities), interdisciplinary admissions may only be allowed, if:

  1. The applicant has a strong interest in pursuing a PhD in a different discipline.
  2. The applicant has passed GRE-Subject/Equivalent Test with minimum 50% marks in the discipline of admission and has taken 6-9 CH of deficiency courses of level 7.
  3. The admission committee is satisfied that the applicant’s knowledge of the primary area (level 7) has sufficiently prepared him or her to undertake the course of study of the doctoral program (or, in the opinion of the admissions committee, the preparation can be deemed satisfactory by taking a few additional courses after starting the program).

Program Objectives

• To produce graduates committed to excellence in research, teaching and in other professions.
• To inculcate a strong grasp of the philosophy of research in management studies.
• To train students for undertaking self-directed scientific research and producing high-quality outcomes.

Admissions Criteria

The admission criteria for PhD Management Sciences will be

a) The candidate must have minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 in the semester system) or 60% (in the annual system) in the MS/MPhil/Equivalent, whether such degree was obtained from Pakistani or foreign universities.

b) If the CGPA/Percentage is not mentioned on the transcript, the candidate must produce equivalent weightage from the parent university.

c) The students having strong demonstrated interest in obtaining PhD degree, but their CGPA is below than 3.00 (out of 4.0 in the semester system) or 60% marks (in the annual system) in the most recent degree obtained, may be admitted to a PhD program after fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Shall study additional courses of 9-12 CH of level 7 taking a zero semester and passed with score minimum 3.00 out of 4.00 GPA.
  2. The admissions committee is satisfied that the applicant’s knowledge of primary area (level 7) has sufficiently prepared him or her to undertake the course of studies of the doctoral program.

Scheme of Study Ph.D Management Sciences

Total Credit hours: 30

Core I
Core II
Elective I
Core III
Core IV
Elective II
Core Courses
Management Thoughts and Philosophy
Academic Writing
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
Elective Courses
Contemporary Issues in Management
Advanced Topics in Innovation Management
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Contemporary Issues in Marketing
Strategic Social Marketing
Marketing Data: Measurement and Analysis
Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
Reward System: Theory and Administration
HR Data Analytics
Contemporary Issues in Corporate Finance
Financial Theory and Corporate Policy Decisions
Applied Econometrics