Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility

Institute of Southern Punjab Multan is a pioneer private sector degree awarding institute in the whole region. As a remarkable educational institute, we, at ISP, believe that it’s our responsibility that contributes to our society, particularly in South Punjab and generally to our Country. Therefore, the Best University in Multan is very active in its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Following are the initiatives that ISP is running for the betterment of society

ISP Public School

ISP Public School is a fully functional school that provides free education to the children of the area. It is located in an area where people face difficulty to provide good quality of education to their children. ISP Public School not only provides free education to the students but provides free recourses to the students who cannot afford to buy them, e.g., books and uniforms, etc.

ISP Public School also promotes local human recourse and hires talented local teachers for the school. ISP school has provided education to thousands of students since its inception.

Character Building Society

Character Building Society is formed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to create awareness against corruption in the young generation. CBS is working on character building and high morality of the young generation. CBS is the only society in the private university which is registered by Govt. of Pakistan. Its patron is decided by NAB and Higher Education Commission (HEC). CBS is the most working society of the Best University in Multan. Its patron of leading is different from other societies. Patron in chief of this society is Sir Asim Nazir (Rector of ISP), Sir Syed Farhan Gillani (Director Internship and External linkages) is the chief organizer of this society, and Miss Saima Ali (Trainer SEDC) is the Mentor of Society.

Awareness Sessions

As the Best University in Multan, we consider it our responsibility to make the students and public awareness of the important issues. For that purpose, we invite people from all walks of life and conduct awareness sessions that are attended by hundreds of students and are broadcasted live to be watched later on social media. The sessions are interactive and are open to the public. Few examples of these awareness sessions are Traffic Police Awareness, Cancer Awareness, and Islamic Banking Awareness, etc. We also promote ideologies that are in line with Islam and our Country, Pakistan, by holding events on special days like Quaid Day, Pakistan Day, Ramadan Kareem, Labor Day, and Woman’s Day, among many others.

Awareness Walks

Sometimes it’s crucial to get up and go out and raise your voice to spread a good message. We hold peaceful walks for this purpose.