BS Islamic Studies


BS in Islamic Studies at the ISP Multan is a 04-year program specifically designed to upskill the students who have a passion for the teachings of Islam. The program follows the mission to encourage the learners to read and analyze a wide range of creative and critical views critically, with the aim to angle them with current issues of Muslim Ummah. Being highly interdisciplinary in nature, the program enables students to connect their knowledge of Islam with several areas of social sciences such as philosophy, psychology, globalization, sociology, etc. The best university in Multan allows the students a considerable degree of choice, both in pursuing their area of interest and in selecting a topic of their curiosity for writing their dissertations in the final semesters. Thus, the intensive and extensive focused learning and practice that the students experience during their four-year stay at the Department fully invent them for pursuing advanced studies and an array of professions and career opportunities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


The program offers a wide range of opportunities to the students to explore Islamic History.


Prepare and present an analysis on the given topics in light of the teachings of Islam.


Evaluate the current issues of Muslim Ummah

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

To meet the Program Objectives, the Department of Islamic Studies graduates such professional and competent specialists of Islamic values who will be able to demonstrate the following measurable outcomes


Analytical and problem-solving skills.


Comprehensive understanding of research methodology.


Improvement in cognitive and independent thinking


Skills to present their ideas, finding gaps effectively in the relevant fields, and must provide solutions to the existing problems.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd division


Career Prospects

There is a wide array of opportunities in government and private sectors available to Islamic Studies graduates, including teaching, Lectureship, as well employed as a research assistant in various research firms.


Scheme of Study BS Islamic Studies Program

Total Credit Hours = 130

مضامین قرآن کا تعارف مطالعہ پاکستان جنرل کورس
انگلش عربی زبان و ادب (انگلش (2
اخلاقیات لازمی علوم القرآن (انگلش (3
جنرل کورس کمپیوٹر مطالعہ متن قرآن (3)
مطالعہ پاکستان (2) تاریخ تدوین حدیث تاریخ فقہ
جنرل کورس (2) (عربی زبان و ادب (2 (انگلش (4
(جنرل کورس (3 تاریخ تفسیر مطالعہ متن قرآن
مطالعہ سیرت (مطالعہ متن حدیث (1 مطالعہ فقہ الاسلامی (العبادات)
مطالعہ فقہ الاسلامی (العبادات) علوم الحدیث مسلم فیملی لاز کے متن کا مطالعہ
مطالعہ متن قرآن (2) ادب الاختلاف مطالعہ فقہ اکبر
دعوت و ارشاد اصول تحقیق تحقیق تہذیب اسلامی
اصول الفقہ مطالعہ فقہ مالیات اسلامی معاشیات
علم الاخلاق مقاصد شریعت کتب حدیث کی منتخب شروح کا مطالعہv