Southern Executive Development Center


Southern Executive Development Centre (SEDC) is the first of its kind initiative in South Punjab. We are the Best University in Multan and an In-house training center that aspires to achieve personal and professional excellence in the students of this region through transformation. With the help of the Modern Learning System, we aspire to transform raw individuals into the best versions of themselves. We believe in designing paths, creating avenues, and setting the conduct for a successful and turned-out individual of this society.


Southern Executive Development Centre (SEDC) envisions to be recognized as a creative avenue that transforms students into vibrant scholars, high professionals, innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs. It aims to shift the trends of learning from traditional education to professional education through the Modern Learning System, bringing multiple benefits to individuals, communities, regions, nations, and the world at large.


Southern Executive Development Centre (SEDC), through the Modern Learning System (Experiential Learning Design), provides Career Support Training to the students to ensure their physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual development, transforming them into good team workers and leaders, skillful professionals and decisive entrepreneurs. The Best University in Multan provides opportunities to create experiences through different pieces of training, seminars, sessions, forums, symposiums, talks, and campaigns.


Faculty of SEDC

Projection & Promotion

We at ISP have our own Projection and Promotion cell where we have our creative team always working to make ISP stand out across all social media platforms with state-of-the-art photography, graphic designs, and video production.


At SEDC we have operationalized Career Support Training. Three credit hour training sessions that every student attends on regular basis in the alternate semester. Our management and dedicated team of professional trainers have designed customized categories of Modules for each semester. Each category addresses need-based issues of Individuals relevant to their semesters.

SEDC Talks

SEDC Talks is a platform where experienced individuals from across the world come forward to share their knowledge and experiences. The purpose of SEDC Talks is inter-disciplinary knowledge and exposure of students.

Events / Seminars

We at the Best University in Multan believe in research, discussions, cultural promotion, and infotainment. We do all of that through regular events and seminars. Our students actively participate in such activities for their grooming and learning.