Office of Research Innovation
& Commercialization (ORIC)

DIRECTOR ORIC & RESEARCH, Prof. Dr. Zahid H. Chohan

Message From Director ORIC & Research

The Office of Director ORIC & Research is recently established. This is a step forward in integrating the overall university departments with regard to research and innovation. The office of ORIC & research encourages the research culture through incorporating Industry and Civil Society. Industry can utilize the services and resources like scientific instruments, well-trained faculty, and researchers to solve their problems and new technologies can also be developed through the utilization of indigenous resources of the Institute of Southern Punjab.

We are inviting all social sectors to join hands with us for a better approach towards the development of the nation and for the benefit of the community in general. We shall be soon signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with different organizations with the aim to bring research proposals for joint research projects and solving industrial problems through the experts available at ISP.

Introduction of Office of the Director ORIC & Research

Institute of Southern Punjab (ISP) which is the best university in Multan is committed to imparting quality education and research to its students. For the accomplishment of this task, the Directorate of ORIC & Research has been established and working on building a strong foundation in the field of Research, Innovation, and commercialization.

Institute of Southern Punjab (ISP) strongly believes that students are our asset. The prime emphasis of this office is to facilitate our students in the successful completion of their degree program so that when they enter into their practical life, they should become not only respectable citizens of Pakistan but a good ambassadors of ISP.

Directorate of ORIC & Research is facilitating our faculty and students by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. To strengthen our research programs and establish a culture of research.
  2. Developing a good academic/research relationship between a student researcher and a teacher supervisor.
  3. Promotion of public confidence about the institution that we are providing quality education and research as per HEC rules.
  4. Training and encouraging our teachers to write research proposals, research papers and publishing them in well-reputed Journals.
  5. To monitor and assess our teaching faculty their teaching/research methodologies by devising a tracking mechanism.
  6. Arranging workshops, seminars, conferences, and training programs for giving research awareness and industrial interactions.
  7. To send off our students successfully with degrees achieved within the stipulated time duration.
  8. To become the best university in Multan and across the globe!

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