About Us

About Us

ISP’s History

By the Grace and Benevolence of ALMIGHTY ALLAH, Institute of Southern Punjab Multan (ISP) has been chartered and adorned with the status of Degree Awarding Institute (DAI) through legislation by the Government of Punjab and accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Government of Pakistan which is the highest Federal Authority to manage the affairs of University/Degree Awarding Institutes in Pakistan, Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan is accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), National Technology Council (NTC) and Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP). ISP is committed to enhancing employment avenues and revealing the hidden potential of our students. The best University in Multan knew and pronounced as ISP, is the first & pioneer Institute in the private sector in Southern Punjab,

striving to promote the education of higher learning in this area that ranks at the lowest in the literacy rate. ISP is a leading provider of state-of-the-art education to the learners, so they are trusted for their integrity and possessing the highest standards. ISP is concentrating on human growth and development to enable students to become responsible & productive members of the Institute community and society. The best University in Multan also endeavors to be open to change, seeks to adapt, innovate and keep in step with the goals that society expects out of it. We believe that through hard work and efforts, our students will be able to step forth into the real and highly competitive world with the ability to make mature and well-informed judgments based on a clear understanding of essential principles, concepts, and moral values.

This, we believe, is the best contribution we can make towards their development as well as rounded personalities and as productive members of society. It has a dynamic conducive environment for academic pursuits. It is affiliated with reputed foreign educational institutions. The best University in Multan provides its students with the education of the highest quality to shine and excel in their personality and inculcate into them a sense of responsibility, confidence, commitment, and dedication towards their profession, society, and nation. Its Management is determined to produce quality professionals and well-skilled human capital in all areas of education, particularly in modern and emerging sciences, for the services of humanity.


“To become a leading Institution of learning by creation and dissemination of knowledge for sustainable socio-economic development and technological advancement of the country and the world, at large.”


“The Institute will produce highly qualified committed individuals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and the country. The human resource, thus produced will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to act as solution provider for many issues of the region and the country while respecting the ethical values.”


We at the Best University in Multan believe that through concerted and strenuous strives, our students shall be able to step forth into the real and highly competitive world with the ability to make a mature judgment based on a clear understanding of concepts and moral values. The ultimate goal, manifesto, and strategy of the Institute of Southern Punjab are to enhance Institutional performance through continuous improvement in teaching, learning, and research.


Governor Punjab

Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman

I feel immense pleasure and pride to see that the Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan is making tireless efforts to educate the society in an area that needs it the most. It is reassuring to observe that the institute is well mindful of equipping its students with knowledge of high quality with special focus on research and development by inculcating in them skill, vision, resourcefulness, initiative and perfection. Such motivating & innovative program shall enable the students to make their mark in the fiercely competitive world with courage and confidence.

Chairman Board of Governors – ISP

Mr. Almass Ayoub Sabir

At the beginning of the 21st century, Pakistan is facing a lot of multiple challenges. The first and foremost is to improve literacy percentage which is at its lowest ebb and the educational scenario has sunk into pale of looming darkness the next urgent confronting issue is the development of curriculum auspiciously matching with modern trends.

Rector ISP

Asim Nazir Ahmad

ISP is committed to achieving the highest standard. We confer upon our students the best experience through the dedicated faculty, In research and teaching, we are one of the top-ranking institutes of higher learning in Multan. With the highest teaching quality, fantastic learning environment and outstanding faculty we provide ample chance to broaden your wisdom and vision.

Director General / Registrar

Saqib Ahmad

Institute is committed to achieving the highest standards. We seek to give our students the best experience through the best staff, the best services, and the best facilities. As a student, you will already understand the differences between higher education institutions and the diversity of courses on offer. Some of you will be returning to the institute after a period in the workforce, while others will be deciding to proceed straight from your current course of study.

Director Finance

Yasir Nazir

ISP Multan, where excellence is not just a goal, but a commitment we uphold every day. As you embark on your journey with ISP, I want to assure you that your experience here will be nothing short of exceptional. At ISP Multan, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of education, supported by the best staff, services and facilities. Our dedicated team of educators and professional are here to guide and support you every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the personalized attention and resources you need to succeed. The diverse range of degree programs we offer, we encourage you to envision the possibilities that awaits you at ISP.







Sponsor of the Project

Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan was set up under the banner of Marjan Educational Trust (Regd) Islamabad. It is not only a chief supporter, financier, and sponsor of the project but also the provider of innovation in technology and incumbent to revive and rejuvenate Muslim heritage to its rightful place in today’s modern world under the auspices of the present Government. The Trust provides good governance because of vast experience at its credit to run several top slot institutions from tertiary to university level very effectively & smoothly in the country. The best University in Multan is backed up by the technical and financial support of other institutions of the Trust and indigenous and foreign universities.


Our graduates enhance our reputation in southern Punjab

  • Leadership                                                    
  • Quality                                                          
  • Social and Ethical Responsibility              
  • Students Oriented Culture                         
  • Innovation and Flexibility
  • Academic Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Communication and Collaborations
  • Professional Development


The best university in Multan is built to international standards, prioritizing safety and creativity. It boasts lush green lawns, massive infrastructure, research labs, and student service centers to create a safe and ideal learning environment.