B. Com (Hons)


Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) is a 4-Years degree program. This program contains eight semesters. It provides two sets of insights like theoretical and practical learning in the field of commerce. Moreover, the qualification further emphasizes the participants to meet the needs of entering into different levels of management for being placed as executives in various departments of the company such as finance, auditing, accounting, management, marketing, and taxation. Each subject of this program has three credit hours with 100 marks. The scheme of study of this program is prepared by the Best University in Multan according to the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. This program has four specializations like accounting, finance, marketing, and management. At the end of the degree, it is mandatory for every student to go for a 9-weeks internship for practical exposure.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with at least 2nd Division

Program Mission

To be a leading Commerce Department of the country in respect of quality education, practical know-how, and e-commerce. To promote a culture and environment that attracts and fosters the best available talent, inspire the trust of students, create value for all and lend support to less privileged classes by improving their access to quality education at affordable cost.

Career Prospects


The Commerce graduates have the following career opportunities:

  • To pursue a professional career independently in the field of commerce.
  • To prove themselves as socially responsible managers and business leaders.
  • Having different specializations, the student can join commercial and investment banks and big business houses, and multinational companies operating in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Go for higher studies abroad and within Pakistan on scholarships as this degree is duly recognized all over the world.
  • Knowing investment techniques, the students can make an investment in the financial market, stock market, and foreign exchange market.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

To learn significant managerial accounting skills to establish well in their future careers.

To acquire several opportunities to engage with accounting professionals and learn from their experiences.

To cater to the manpower needs of companies in Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Management.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Establish an understanding of the basic concepts and theoretical knowledge used in the different Commerce and business-related areas like Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Banking, Marketing, Management, Finance, E-Commerce, etc.

Apply different tools and techniques in solving the problems related to their field of study during their careers.

Critically examine different profession-related scenarios with a clear understanding of the factors affecting the business environment.

Plan and develop the start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures independently through the utilization of skill.

Establish leadership qualities to achieve common goals in the form of teams.

Effectively communicate through different modes and forms of communication while working as a member of a team in the organization at different levels

Effectively work with the different groups and teams diversified in terms of demographics and ethnicity at the workplace.

Emerge as a successful trader and mark in the field of commerce.

Show skills in ethical analysis and decision making with empathy and respect for core human values

Scheme of Study B.Com (Hons) Program

Total Credit Hours = 135

Functional English
Islamic Studies
Applied Mathematics
Introduction to Accounting
Computer Applications
Introduction to Statistics
Micro Economics
Pakistan Studies
Business Communication
Islamic Finance
Introduction to Business
Writing Skills
Financial Accounting
Principles of Marketing
Business Law
Macro Economics
Introduction to Logic
Behavioral Studies
Investment & Portfolio Management
Cost Accounting
Principles of Management
Accounting Information System
Corporate Law and Tax Management
Human Resources Management
Managerial Economics
Accounting Techniques
Money, Banking & Financial Markets
Business Psychology
Financial Management
Portfolio Management
Balance Sheet Analysis
Organizational Behavior
Research Methods in Business
International Business
Issues in Pakistan Economy
Operational Management
Marketing Management
Auditing & Tax Accounting
Strategic Management
Expert Systems & Artificial Intelligence
Total Quality Management
Management Accounting
Dissertation/ Project +
Viva Voce/ Internship