BS Education (2 Years) After ADP


After the successful completion of the BS education 2 program, the candidates can work as school teachers, administrators, instructional supervisors, subject specialists in higher secondary schools, as well as lectures in colleges and universities. This degree may also be useful to continue towards advanced studies in Education. The candidates will learn to manage organizations and develop solutions to issues in the field of education. They will be able to apply research skills in the classroom and institutions and will use the latest approaches to education.

Eligibility Criteria

ADP in relevant Education with at least 2nd division.

Scheme of Study BS Education (2 Years) Program

Total Credit Hours = 78

New Philosophical Perspectives of Education
Educational Psychology
Research Orientation in Education
Curriculum Evaluation and Implementation
Educational Measurement and Assessment
Quran Translation-V
Perspectives of Education in Pakistan
Classroom Management
Research Applications in Education
Basic Concepts of Inclusive Education
Educational Monitoring and Quality Assurance
Teaching Practice (Theory)
Methods and Techniques of Teaching
Economics and Financing of Education
Quran Translation-VII
Teaching Practice (Practical)
Teacher Education
School Improvement
Educational Planning and Management
Project and Report Writing
Quran Translation-VIII