Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology


The ADCP program is a diploma that aims to provide specialized learning in the domain of clinical psychology. Students having the qualification of BS/M.Sc. of equivalent degree are eligible to enroll in this diploma program. It comprises a year of rigorous course work comprising advanced clinical and therapy-oriented psychology courses. The last semester is fully dedicated to Clinical placements and Clinical research work. The Best University in Multan aims to prepare trained clinical professionals who can serve the community. A competent team of teaching staff with expertise in clinical psychology is available for providing the necessary academic exposure to the students.

Eligibility Criteria

16 Years relevant education with at least 2nd division

Career Prospects

The BS degree program of the Best University for Psychology in Multan prepares students to be competent Educationists & Researchers Clinical psychologists can apply in various departments like Armed forces, police, special education, Health, Jail and Prison, rehabilitation and Research Institutes

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Students will learn the essential basic and functional abilities to competently, ethically, and effectively function as clinical psychologists in a range of contexts with varied populations and will be globally aware and equipped to serve within the profession of clinical psychology.

Students will comprehend the importance of numerous essential competencies in health service psychology, gradually honing these skills as they progress from practicum to internship to independent practice.

Programs Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Students will be prepared to serve in the field of clinical psychology by gaining the foundational knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors required to demonstrate integrity, professionalism, accountability, sensitivity to others, and professional identity as a nascent clinical psychologist, while also respecting individual and cultural diversity.

Development of foundational knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to engage in continuous self-awareness, self-reflection, self-monitoring, and self-care, applying a firm understanding of the competent clinical practice to assess professional practice

Understanding, appreciating, and analyzing the ethical dimensions of practice, as well as developing the ability to incorporate this appreciation into practice effectively

Interpersonal skills, emotion regulation, effective written and oral communication, and conflict resolution among students. Specific in terms of professional psychology research and to help students form alliances and value individual and cultural diversity.

Students would be capable of selecting and administering a battery of tests independently, drawing on their knowledge of psychometrics, in order to integrate their findings into an assessment report that includes, at a minimum, a presenting problem, background information, behavioral observations/mental status, the reliability and validity of tests used, testing results, a diagnostic impression, and treatment recommendation

Scheme of Study Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Credit Hours = 35

Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis 60% theory+ 40% Practical (Testing lab)
Abnormal Psychology/Advanced psychopathology
Advanced Clinical Research
Advanced Psychophysiology
Trauma & Disaster Management
Psycho Pharmacology
Child Pathology
Clinical Placement (report + viva)
Thesis/Research Project (report + viva)