B. Des. (Graphic Design) 2.5 years

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation or equivalent with at least 2nd division


If some student has done BA / BSc, or completed 2 years ADP in some other degree program from ISP/ any other university, a bridging Semester have to be offered to cover the missing courses. Course Offering might vary from case to case

Scheme of Study B. Des. (Graphic Design) 2.5 years Program

Total Credit Hours = 61

Interaction Design-III
Graphic Design-II
Visual Storytelling
Print Making
Translation of Holy Quran-V
Graphic Design-III
Commercial Printing
Digital Illustration
Packaging Design
Psychology for Graphic Designers
Marketing & Merchandising
Translation of Holy Quran-VI
Graphic Design: Advanced
Brand Identity and Branding
Motion Graphics
Portfolio Development & Presentation
Video Production
Research Methodology
Thesis: Final Project
Report Writing & Presentation
Translation of Holy Quran-VIII